3 Tips To Protect Your Large Furniture When Moving

You’ll have several tasks to accomplish weeks before your actual moving day. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to move, you have to look for another home that fits your lifestyle and budget, get rid of clutter in your current home, and pack all of your valuables. But aside from these, you’ll also have to work on protecting your large furniture when moving. These pieces are your investments, so you have to make sure that these are still usable the moment you arrive in your new home.

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Moving to a new home is already expensive, and finding out that your furniture was damaged during the move can mean more expenses. This situation can also cause stress and inconvenience, especially if the furniture is regularly used by the entire family.

To ensure that these won’t happen to you, protect all of your large furniture by following the tips below:

  1. Hire The Experts

Moving can now become an easy and fast task – all thanks to movers NYC. These professionals are trained and experienced to help you out whenever moving. From creating an action plan, packing your valuables, and even unloading all of your moving boxes, they got you covered. But are you aware that there are also movers who solely focus on moving large furniture?

Look for companies or contractors who are experienced in moving large furniture. If you’re planning to move with your piano, scout for piano movers in your area, ask an estimate quote of their services and compare your options. The more time you start looking for these professionals, the better decision you can come up with.

Although hiring these professionals will require money from your pocket, their services are actually cost-effective. Sure, you might need to pay them, but this payment will go a long way in ensuring the condition of your furniture and saving yourself from unnecessary stress and costs.  

  1. Prepare Large Furniture

Regardless if you’re planning to move with a professional moving company or do everything by yourself, it’s important that you prepare your furniture first. Before you pack anything, thoroughly clean all of your furniture. Depending on its size and material, you can simply use a feather duster or microfiber cloth in cleaning all of the surfaces of your furniture. Make sure that you’re using the right cleaning tools to avoid scratching or damaging your furniture.

Cleaning large furniture before packing and moving them can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not bringing any germs and bacteria to your new home.

During this process, take the time to remove any smaller components from your furniture. This can usually include casters, knobs, and pulls. Any drawers from desks and drawers should also be removed. Doing this allows your furniture to become lighter, making it easier for you to move them around.

  1. Carry Furniture Properly

You will have to move your furniture around the house weeks before the actual move. To avoid clutter, furniture that was already packed will be placed in one area of the house only. This trick will make it easier for you to assess your progress in packing large furniture. As one way of protecting your investment, make sure that you’re carrying these pieces properly. When you know how to carry your furniture, it’ll be easy for you to move them around the house without fear of damage and scratches.

Aside from protecting your large furniture, knowing how to properly carry them can also save you from experiencing injuries. Once you know how to lift with your legs (not with your back), you can carry out tasks for the move without putting your health and safety at risk.

To boost your efficiency in protecting your furniture, do some research, and look for resources that can reach you how to properly carry them. The most common techniques in carrying your furniture will require you to bend at your knees, but some resources can provide specific instructions based on the furniture you’re going to move.

Knowledge Is Power

Contrary to popular belief, protecting and bringing large furniture when moving is actually a manageable task. As long as you know what are the necessary strategies for the task, you can still enjoy your furniture when you start to live in a new house. Use this article as your guide so you can move all of your large furniture with ease.

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