Managing a Big City Move with a Small Budget

You have seen this as the plot of endless movies, and television shows, young adults with big dreams leaving their comfort zones and hometowns, to try and make a new life for themselves in one of the quintessential, big cities. What is usually missing however is the reality check of the price tag that is associated with a large logistical change of this nature. If this move is premeditated you may have the benefit of having saved for it, but if it’s hasty, your funds might not match your dreams, but don’t let that squash them. You can explore the option of a personal loan to cover your moving costs and give you a sense of financial security while you learn about your new surroundings. Getting matched with the loan that is best for you can happen in less than 60 seconds. To keep overall debt in check though, here are some other tips to consider while you are creating your big move plan of action.

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Research Loan Benefits

If you are not able to finance your next big move out of pocket, pay attention to the perks that are attached to specific types of loans. Besides quick application and approval processes focus on various interest rates and loan terms. Depending on what you need to borrow, and your realistic evaluation of how quickly you can pay this back will help you decide which option is right for you. Moving can be stressful even when it’s exciting, so step one is honestly evaluating your budget allocated to making this move happen in the first place, then how that plays into your monthly budget once you have settled into your new city.


Explore Housing One City Over

Location, location, location, I get it, you didn’t move to Chicago to get an apartment in Arlington Heights, but are you willing and able to pay for that pricey mailing address? Once you have narrowed down your desired major location, search housing in the towns that border it and put some honest thought into living there. Even temporarily it can help you keep your costs under control and give you some freedom to explore the more glamourous neighbourhoods and figure out where the best long-term housing option is based off your preferences, not just the zip code. Remember that trendy and budget friendly do not generally exist in the same sentence.

Find a Roommate

If you are moving somewhere that you do not know anyone, there are safe options out there to find a roommate that will both make you feel comfortable and reduce your monthly bills. Search online for agencies that specialize in matching candidates with roommates, they often do all the important screening for you and present you with options that are realistic for a small finder’s fee. Considering a roommate can greatly impact your monthly bills in a positive way. Rent, utilities, and in some cases luxuries like cable and internet are all split up between tenants so that you do not have to shoulder the burden exclusively. Knowing that you are not solely responsible for these bills can help you to balance out your budget in other areas as well. You may be able to allocate more towards getting your credit card debt under control, for example, if you do not have to shell out the entire rent each month for a big city apartment.

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