Want To Be A Pro Stylist? Use These 9 Fashion Tips And Tricks

Looking stylish and chic all is something everyone wants. To don that looks it all comes down to the little things about an outfit like how you style it, how you wear it and how you add things to an outfit to make it look different than others. The whole idea of styling is how to change a basic outfit look more blastic.

However, having a sense of fashion is not enough for you to become a professional stylist. There are other small things that add up to make you a professional. And as a professional, you need to have things like top fashion brochure template, catalogue, original design, etc to sell your worth. These little things will help you not only achieve a professional tag but also help you create a name for yourself in the fashion industry.

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Well if you are also someone who is looking to enter the fashion industry and want to be a pro stylist but yet don’t know-how to go about it then let me tell you that you are at the right place. Here we bring to you the best 9 fashion tips and tricks that would help you to be a professional stylist.

  1. Scrunched Sleeves

The best way to look stylish in an effortless way is through scrunched sleeves. This messy put-together look is the best thing in the fashion industry and believe it or not scrunched sleeves can help you bring that vibe to your outfit. As we all know that keeping your sleeves scrunched up throughout the day is not easy, as they keep falling down again and again. But there is no need to get depressed for this as we bring to you the perfect trick to solve this problem for you. All you need to do is simply follow these guidelines and in the end, what you will have is a perfect pair of scrunched sleeves.

  • Bring two stretchable bands (Make sure that they are comfortable enough for to you wear them throughout the day)
  • Now put these bands on in both of your hands near the elbow joint.
  • Now cover the bands by rolling up your sleeves a little bit.
  • And finally, tune it a little bit to make more natural and there you have the perfect scrunched sleeves that won’t fall down.
  1. Cuffed Sleeves And Jeans

Cuffing your t-shirt sleeves is a basic detail that you probably add to every normal t-shirt and make it look more fitted, intentional, polished and flattering look, to all your basic t-shirts. This will give all your t-shirts a major boost and it is really simple and easy to implement and does not even consume a lot of time.

Apart from cuffed t-shirts sleeves, a more authentic, better and easy way to attract attention to your lower outfit portion is by cuffing jeans. Cuffing the bottom of your basic jeans is a simple tactic that is being used in the industry to attract attention to your shoes. This is also a great tip for short people as it adds a little bit of height to your legs by showing a little bit of skin, giving the illusion of some faux height. Although we would recommend going with this tip only if you have a cute and nice looking pair of shoes to wear with it. So be stylish but not stupid.

  1. Layered Cami

Old is gold as they say. Well in the fashion industry the 90s fashion has made a huge comeback and it can be seen everywhere, fannels, grunge, skinny sunglasses, denim, even the retro flip flop phones are making a comeback. Now if you are a little old fashioned minded, this might the right time for you to shine bright in the industry. You can incorporate this fashion to level up some basic pieces in your wardrobe. So add up little things giving a retro and a modern feel at the same time, such as using slightly bigger shirts over a perfectly fitted t-shirt, cami over shirts. Some people love this trend and some people don’t. So make sure to don’t go too overboard if you are dressing up to impress someone, even though layering things is fun, a little unique and different thing to do.

  1. Tuck In

Tucking shirts and t-shirts are the very basic, evergreen and gentle effect that can make any outfit look more fashionable and smarter. Tucking in also a great tip for short people as it shows a little bit of jean and it also gives the appearance of longer legs. Although everyone can tuck a shirt in, however, if you need a proper method check out the tuck tutorial below-

  • When you are tucking in, keep in mind never tug it in like a shirt. Always start with a front and tug in as much as you can.
  • Now simply start stretching out until you get the desired look and comfort.
  1. Layered Long Sleeves

Probably derived from the 90s fashion and really popular in one of the most followed trends in the industry. This is a simple idea of taking any long sleeves and wearing it under a dress or an outfit, giving you a more perfect combination of a formal and casual look.

  1. Scarf and Neckerchief

The traditional style which we usually see in the cowboy movies, it a great get to go accessory if used smartly. It’s a great and fun layering piece that can be used with almost every outfit adding a sophisticated vibe to that outfit.

  1. Hairstyle

Yes, different people have different types of hair and different type of hairstyles so its a little difficult to set standards on this element. However this is where the beauty lies, you can try different outfits and accessories that might make you look more fashionable. You have your own freedom here to try out different things, but make sure that it looks good.

  1. Use Hats

Most of the hats fashion has been lost well apart from the traditional round hats. However, there has been a new vibe in the fashion industry especially within people belonging to pop culture that make use of caps and hats. You might have already seen the iconic Eminem with a cap nowadays. So if you are a fan or a member of a community maybe its time you give hat and caps a try.

  1. Sunglasses

 No these are not just meant to protect your eyes. Sunglasses are great when used properly, they go great with both formal and informal outfits.

Author Bio: Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Best Beauty Salon Brochure Template, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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