5 Easy Ways To Instantly Get Into a Positive State of Mind

It is so easy to go through the day and be dreading everything that you are doing. It can take a toll on your progress and your mood. Even for those of us who are living their dreams, there are daily tasks that are draining. To be successful, people just have to do thing that they don’t want to do most of the time. Getting through these mundane tasks can really make a day a drag. At the same time, someone may be dealing with something that is really getting them down. They may be going through a break up, or they may have just lost their job.

Even when this are really tedious or hard, there are ways that we can get into a positive state of mind, and body, pretty much in an instant. Tiny changes can make for some huge results, so go ahead and try some things out that will change up your current state. No one wants to feel groggy and sad all day long, so why not use these 5 easy steps to get into a positive state of mind now! Go on, click that next button and see the ways to change your state now!

1. Change your body posture

Who do you think is going to be more motivated to do something amazing? That guy who is practically falling off a couch, or Roger Federer who looks like he is ready to win the US Open? You can change your state instantly by changing your body posture. If you are slouched down and looking at the floor, of course you are going to feel depressed. Get up and stick your chest out! You will feel much better if you have a great body posture!


2. Get yourself Moving

When you exercise you feel endorphins. Endorphins make you feel great! Even if you are in a situation where you can’t go out for a run or lift some weights, just stand up and do some jumps! Punch in the air as if you were Rocky! Hold your hands above your head and feel good! If you are in a meeting, or a class, excuse yourself for a quick bathroom break and get some quick exercise on your way to the restroom. This movement and activity will really help to shock your body and mind out of it’s negative state.

3. Listen to, Read, or Watch Something Uplifting

If you can take a quick second out of your day to read something uplifting, this is my best advice. I have found that by actually reading something, you get immersed in the media, and the message sinks in with you much more. If you are crunched for time, you can always use YouTube. YouTube is great for those who are looking for an audio book, a motivational video, a song to pump them up, or more. If you have awesome songs on your iPhone, or iPod, you should make a playlist that will juice you up. Your favorite songs will really help you get into that peak state of mind.

4. Call On your Friends For Help


Sometimes when you are having a bad day, all you really need to do is call up a friend and talk it out. You will be amazed by how much better you will feel when you finally vocalize your problems and hear them out loud. Sometimes you may even find out how unimportant your problems really are, and how easy they are to solve. By calling up a friend and talking it out, you will be able to feel so much better about what’s going on.

5. Switch up what you are doing

Sometimes you really just need to take a break or call it a day. If you are having a really hard time on your homework and you are getting frustrated, maybe you just need to take a quick break and come back to it in a second. Sometimes by leaving a situation and coming back to it, you will be able to approach it in a much more positive mindset and achieve much more productive results.

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