6 stages of data processing cycle

Stages of a data processing cycle

Six basic steps are involved in this whole task of data processing. They are –

Collection – It involves gathering all the data out there which you think might be useful for you in the future. Look for resources from where you can gather all that data. Reach out to right place and person for collecting that data. Organize all those surveys desired to extract out that content.

Preparation – Raw data at times becomes difficult to process. So this step helps you in preparing your data for further processing stage. Careful screening is required to prepare those huge chunks of data to get processed. Also, you need to verify all the collected data so that it can be processed efficiently.

Input – It is the step where the verified data is coded into machine-readable language so that it can be feed into software tools to process it and filter out irrelevant content. You can input the data with the help of keyboard or digitizers etc. This is one of the most time consuming and a typical job of this whole data processing.

Processing – This step made you determine all those parameters which are desired to process any particular data. You need to define these parameters carefully to filter out the most relevant content desired at the end stage. It is basically the step in which any computer program is executed to work on the input data provided by the end user.

Output and Interpretation – This is the end result delivered to the user in the form of printed reports, audio, visuals, etc. This is actually your desired and processed data. Ones interpreted in the right manner it can provide you most homogenized and useful information you always desire to get.

Storage – It is the last and most important step in the whole data processing. You need to refer to that important and processed data all over again and again. Storage provides you that particular facility of storing that filtered information in your computer devices so that you can refer to them as and when you desire to do so.